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Nemeth Farms has been a family run business for 20 years now. We are located in Kingsville, Ontario. Canada's most southerly town. Kingsville is one of only a few places in Canada where you need to drive north in order to go to the United States.

However, there is no other place in Canada that has the climate and soil necessary to grow quality Spray Millet. We have spent the past 20 years working to ensure our customers get the highest quality Spray Millet available. We receive many phone calls from people saying I love your millet, where can I get it locally. One of the best phone calls we have received was from a lady that put three different types of Spray Millet in her bird's cage. She said that her bird ate our Millet head clean before it ate from our competitors.

If you would like to put our millet to the test or would like to become a distributor please e-mail us and we will provide you with more information about us and our millet. If you prefer to talk to us in person please give us a call on our toll free number: 1-800-854-0814

Thank you,

Marilyn and Jason Nemeth

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